Apr 11

‘Woodpecker’ sound clips!

Our first single ‘Woodpecker’ is due to be released on april 6th on Kitschy Records. The single will feature remixes from Sebastian Gudding and MIQRO. Kitschy just uploaded clips of all three tracks to SoundCloud – enjoy!

Mar 11

March 2011 Chart

Back again with a monthly chart for you peeps who don’t have the time or energy to make your own goodiebag.

Dan Drastic & Matthias Tanzmann – Puddle Trouble (Original Mix) Moon Harbour
Themi Undergroove & Costa G – Out House (Little Fritter Remix) Diaphan
Derrick Deepvibez – Zen Eclipse (Original Mix) Mindshift
Gorge – Imara (Original Mix) 8bit
Caytas & Patz – El Mendingo (Pol_On Remix) Caramella
Subb-An – The Lovers Night (Dub Version) Spectral Sound
Fog & Arara – Paraiso (Jacuzzi Boys Remix) Escapism
Alex Flatner & Lopazz – Dinosaurs (Paul Woolford Remix) Poker Flat
09. play Özgur Can – Clean Slate (Vick Echo Remix) Only Records
Mri – Litany For A Return (Original Mix) Resopal Schallware

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Feb 11

Video: Cat DJ spinning some wax

Yesterday Jani had a couple of friends over and had some music playing in the background. Then all of a sudden his cat ‘Flaffi’ decided to try to DJ aswell! Not bad considering it’s her first try… and the fact she’s a cat!

Feb 11

February 2011 mixtape

February 2011 mixtape cover.

JANI/DANIEL is back on the air at radio4by4.com! This time we’re scheduled to play every second thursday and our next liveset is scheduled to be broadcast 3rd march 2011. Be sure to tune in! Until then you can listen to our latest mix. Full tracklist below!

1. Slide – Mania (Original Mix)
2. Stu Patrics – Le Paris
3. Elon – Clap Back (Ekkohaus Remix)
4. Evren Furtuna – House Music (Original Mix)
5. Microstar feat. Pimpztress Rah – Tonight (Original Mix)
6. Lauhaus – Bombay Disco (Original Mix)
7. Elf – Buds Dancer
8. Santorini – Little Helper 12-6 (Original Mix)
9. Alex Rai – Aus Music (Original Mix)
10. Lauhaus – Give It Up (Ray Okparalysed It)
11. Caytas & Patz – El Mendigo (Alternative Mix)
12. Rey Aguilar – Soul 2 Soul (John Dalagelis Remix)
13. Paul Mad – Visions (Original Mix)
14. Dani Casarano & Francesco – On My Love (Original Mix)
15. Mirco Violi – Turn On (Leon Mix)
16. Luca Bacchetti & Davide Squillace – Around The Bay (Martin Buttrich Remix)
17. Tiefschwarz Feat. Daniel Wilde – It’s Time (Marcus Meinhardt Remix)
18. Marco Carola – Groove Catcher
19. Kid Culture & Thomas Robson – Feel So Good (Livo & Roby Remix)
20. Chuck Love – Seduction (Original Mix)
21. Lemos – Small Drops (Original Mix)
22. Daniel Mehlhart – Fata Morgana (Original Mix)
23. Nekes – Waitin (Original Mix)
24. Black Lychees – Palmera (Grau Remix)

Feb 11

Video: We love Funktion-One

If you have spent some time out clubbing you most likely have encountered a sound system by Funktion-One. And you love it! Why? Some of you might have no idea. You just know it’s ‘good’. But why is it good? What’s different about Funktion-One? We’re going to tell you right now – it’s because it sounds good.

Many clubs (and DJs shockingly enough – who are supposed to be the ambassadeurs of good sounds) don’t care about the quality. Just turn the volume up! I WANT IT LOUDER! MORE BASS! They have no idea what they’re doing. They’re ruining the whole experience! If you’re like us then you’ve been to many clubs where the sound is shit and if you look at the mixer it’s because the fucking DJ turned the volume, gain and EQ all the way up so it’s constantly all in the reds. No fucking wonder it sounds like crap, you moron!

Anyway – enough ranting. We found this interview with Tony Andrews, lead visionary at Funktion-One, by FutureMusic. It’s very interesting if you’ve ever wondered why you love their sound systems.

Feb 11

Video: Bar25 – Der film

Bar25 – Der film – now here’s a movie that we really want to see! After watching the teaser trailer (below) we can honestly say that it looks like the videographers have managed to capture at least some of the magic from the famous but now closed-down Berlin club. A bunch of wierdoes, a big doze of wierdness and lots of good music – what more do you need?

“Over those seven wondrous years, there was a group of videographers who realized that we were part of something unique, magical and, yes, ephemeral. We strove to capture it all — the strobes and the goosebumps, the manic beats and the lazy chillouts – every part of that crazy tapestry that made Bar25 a Berlin icon.”

Go check out the Bar25 – Der film official site for more information.

Feb 11

February 2011 Chart

We’re back with another chart filled to the max with some chunky tech house! This time we’ve added a player for your convenience. You can easily listen to clips of all the tracks in our chart and see if you agree with us. But who are we kidding? Of course you will! Let us know what you think!

Lauhaus – Bombay Disco (Original Mix) Remote Area
Christian Burkardt – Doubledub (Original Mix) Raum…musik
03. play S.M.A.L.L – Fat Sundaze (Fabio Giannelli Remix) District Raw
Dani Casarano & Francesco Bonora – On My Love (Original Mix) Frequenza Limited
Marco Carola – Groove Catcher (Martin Buttrich Catcher remix) M-nus
06. play Mirco Violi – Turn On (Leon remix) Supernature Records
Davide Squillace & Luca Bacchetti – Around The Bay (Martin Buttrich Remix) Hideout
Tiefschwarz – It’s Time feat. Daniel Wilde (Marcus Meinhardt Remix) Souvenir Music
Lemos – Small Drops (Original Mix) Bass Culture
Kid Culture & Thomas Robson – Feel So Good (Livio & Roby Remix) Suara

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Feb 11

VIDEO: Pioneer demos how horrible the phaser effect is

For some reason almost all DJ mixers out there have an effect called ‘phaser‘. This effect always sounds horrible and never should be used by any DJ ever! In the video below Pioneer DJ USA shows you exactly how horrible the effect is and why you shouldn’t use it.

If you disagree then please prove us wrong by posting a video or mixtape where a DJ uses the phaser effect and it still sounds good!

Feb 11

VIDEO: Working on Journey remix

Yesterday we where in the studio and started work on another remix for Kitschy Records. The track is called ‘Journey’ by Jesus Pablo and Milkwish. Our remix will take the funkiest parts of the original and bring them down deep. Check out the video below for a small preview!

Jan 11

Release on Kitschy Records

JANI/DANIEL – ‘Woodpecker’ – our first original release on Kitschy Records coming soon! We’ve already listened to some previews of the remixes and it’s sounding awesome! The release will include remixes by Sebastian Gudding, Miqro and Jesus Pablo.

Deep and funky – JANI/DANIEL in a nutshell. We’ll be uploading clips soon – keep an eye out!

JANI/DANIEL - Woodpecker. Soon to be released on Kitschy Records.

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